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Mission of Erastus Snow


Mission of Erastus Snow

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OUR HERITAGE, A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, page 31

Elder Erastus Snow left for the mission field in the spring of 1836. "Describing his status at the time of his departure for a mission in western Pennsylvania, Elder Snow wrote, ‘I left Kirtland on foot and alone with a small suitcase containing a few Church works and a pair of socks, with five cents in my pocket, being all my worldly wealth.”


Vol. III, No. 4] KIRTLAND, OHIO, JANUARY, 1837. [Whole No. 28. (page 440)

Pres. O. Cowdery:
Sir,-I left Kirtland on the 16th day of April last, and returned again last evening, (Dec. 29) having been absent a period of eight months and fourteen days. During this time I have been laboring entirely alone, in the western part of Pennsylvania.-But my heavenly Father has been with me, and given me power over much and heavy opposition; for I have often met with it, especially among the priests, that wear long faces. I have travelled [traveled] about 1600 miles, back and forth; preached 220 sermons; obtained 20 subscribers for your interesting paper, and baptized 50 persons. I, thro' the grace of God, started one branch in Brush Valley township, Indiana county; one in Plumb Creek township, Armstrong county, and a third on the corners of Venango, Mercer and Butler counties. The work seems to be gaining ground fast wherever I have travelled [traveled]; and I have often had calls for preaching 20 and 30 miles off, in every direction; and had about six to where I could fill one. I wish the Elders travelling [traveling] east, would call and visit my brethren, and spread the word of life still more thoroughly through that country.
Yours in the bonds of the everlasting covenant.